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On my recent Thailand tour this was my riding gear.

Helmet – brought my old HJC RPHA90 modular. more than 3 years old but super comfortable. I did change the visor, pinlock and sun shield as the ones that came with the helmet were scratched after 3 years.

Earplugs – Alpine Motosafe Tour.

Boots – TCX Explorer 4 GTX. I have a pair of Falco Avantour adventure high boots but they are a little tight and I preferred more comfort. Furthermore I wore the TCX on the plane as the boots were too bulky to fit into my checked in duffle bag. Did not regret bringing the TCX puppies!

Jacket – Clover Savana 3 textile with shoulder/elbow/back armour. Removed the thermo lining and the waterproof membrane.

Pants – Clover Ventouring 2 textile with knee/hip armour. Removed the inner thermal lining.

Base layer – long sleeve top and pants which I washed after wearing every 2 to 3 days. I brought 3 sets of base layer. I didn’t want the jacket and pants to stink from all the sweat so the base layer were great.

Gloves – Five E3 Evo Enduro. My go to gloves. When they got wet, I just rode in them and they dried up pretty quick. I also had a Astars SMX Z Drystar WP gloves which were new and never worn before. They were a pain to put on when my hands were clammy with sweat. I was faffing around trying to put them on in a few occasions that I just put on the Five E3 which were wet and carried on! LOL The WP gloves work but it is best to put them on before the rain starts. However when you put them on when it is not raining yet, you have no ventilation to your hands due to the WP membrane.

Bag – I used a Enduristan Tornado2 51L duffel bag. Brilliant kit …….. no water ingress at all. I also had a Kriega US20 which a mate borrowed me. This had my passport and other documents and was also my carry on luggage. Since I was on a Forza 350 scooter the underseat storage was bloody useful as the Kreiga bag went inside there so I did not have to strap the Kriega on top of the Enduristan.

Straps – ROK straps. Super reliable.

Neckwear – I had a Buff to protect my neck from getting sunburn.

Rain jacket – I used a Karrimor rain jacket with a WP rating of 10,000mm. It is rather bulky though. Works well in heavy rain conditions.

Rain pants – Komine RK-538 WP rating of 10,000mm. I only put on the rain pants twice. They were a pain to put on and take off. There had no side zippers so it was tricky putting the pants on. I had to take off the boots at the side of the road to remove the pants and a Thai farmer was looking at me funnily!

Portable air compressor – I brought a Xiaomi 1S along together with a tyre repair kit. That’s for tubeless tyres on the Forza.
I don’t know how to change the tube on a bike with tubes!

I packed the HJC helmet into a box and checked it in. Air Asia can be a pain in the butt with carry on luggage and furthermore there were security concerns of bringing a helmet as carry on. So, I just checked it in and played safe. I left the box with the bike rental company and then packed it up again when leaving Chiang Mai.
I also had a packable soft duffel bag which I hand carried with me on board besides the Kreiga. It had my Clover jacket and pants with all the armour.
The Enduristan duffel bag which had all my other stuff was put into a Deuter Cargo EXP bag and had a small padlock. The Enduristan duffel bag can’t be locked.
I bought 20kgs of check in baggage.
Air Asia allows 2 pieces of hand carry luggage and combined weight must be <7kg. I was somewhere in the 8kg range I think.

I definitely need to look for another rain pants with side zipper openings.
And a 20L 0r 30L WP bag similar to a Kriega and get a smaller WP duffle bag of say 35 to 40L.
I reckon a luggage capacity of about 80 to 90 litres total would be perfect for touring 2 to 3 weeks.

Hope this helps.