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Words by Natalie Cuomo

Photos by John Cafaro

Special Thanks to The Historic Custom Tattoo est. 1984

For our annual moto issue, we went to comedian and bike enthusiast Natalie Cuomo for her top picks. And boy, did she deliver. These bikes and bike accessories are seriously top notch—plus there’s just enough time to grab them before the summer is over. Take a look at Natalie Cuomo’s picks and let us know what you’re riding in the comments section on social media. 

2022 Indian Super Chief Limited

The classically beautiful Indian Super Chief Limited is perfect for long rides and late nights. Equipped with the award-winning thunderstroke 116 engine—producing 120 ft-lb of torque—this ergonomic machine has the ferocious power to bury the needle and satisfy the need for speed. The cruiser is ideal for long distances, with the agility to tackle the precision required in urban areas. Its dual coil-spring shocks take the jolt out of any bump in the road and its dashboard is fitted with one of Indian’s newest technologies, Ride Command, a four-inch round touchscreen display designed to look analog and stay true to nostalgic aesthetics. Through Ride Command, the rider can access GPS, music, speedometer, tachometer, bike info and ride info to effortlessly change ride modes and more. With a one-button push start, the Indian Super Chief Limited is as easy to ride as it is to fall in love with.