Posted on: July 16, 2022 Posted by: Winter Auto Comments: 0

Hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) provide a clean, progressive alternative to traditional gas-powered cars. However, what if you don’t want a Toyota Prius Prime or a Ford Escape Hybrid? What if you want fuel economy, affordability, and fun but don’t care about airbags or stereos? Well then, you might want to consider these reasons for buying a motorcycle over a hybrid. 

What is good fuel economy for a motorcycle?

Depending on how you ride and the bike itself, motorcycles are capable of well over 50 mpg. For example, Harley-Davidson’s wildly popular Iron 883 Sportster will manage 51 mpg. However, if you want something even more economical, many manufacturers produce smaller displacement bikes with impressive fuel economy numbers. For instance, you might get silly looks on a Honda Grom, but buying the tiny motorcycle gets you a manufacturer’s estimated 166 mpg.