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So, A lot of people have asked for me to list what parts I used to make all of this work. Here ya go.

Pedal parts:

31301-35270 x 1 Fj clutch pedal

31321-52010 x 1 Pedal pad

90386-14015 x 2 Pedal pivot bushings.

90387-08160 x 1 Collar shaft for pedal pivot. You probably don’t need this unless yours is badly worn. I re-used mine.

90389-06055 x 1 Bushing at the top of the pedal for the turnover spring

90541-06036 x 1 Pad where pedal contacts the upper clutch switch.

47131-47070 x 1 The thicker pad that I used to contact lower pedal switch.

31453-35010 x 1 Clevis I used to eliminate the damper thingy.

90249-08018 x 1 Pin

90386-08033 x 1 Pin bushing

90206-08001 x 1 Wave washer for pin

90468-15006 x 1 Clip pin to retain

If you are going to replace the master cylinder, you can buy the FJ master and you get a plastic clevis along with it. Message me if you are interested in going that route.

Release bearing parts:

I ordered these numbers direct from Tilton:

Tilton 60-612 Bearing kit w/o piston and bearing. Tell them that you need this kit with the 61-628 threaded sleeve. The kit I received came with the sleeve. I didn’t have to purchase it separately. If ordering from somewhere else, you probably will.

Tilton 62-612 Piston for 40mm i.d. bearing. I’m learning that this part number supersedes to 62-6122 now.

If you’re ordering from Summit Racing, order the following. I’ve added links to them in the text above.


Toyota 90363-45013 x 1 Is the actual clutch release bearing suitable for the 2nd gen OE clutch pressure plate with 60mm opening. Will have to source from overseas. I ordered mine off of ebay. It shipped out of Dubai. Took 3-4 days.

11183-62010 x 2. I used these half moons to seal up the 34mm hole where the original release cylinder was. I haven’t tried, but I’m betting that these will only work with RC62F.

Speed bleeder. Russell 641380. Not absolutely necessary. But, nice.

Earls 989544 adapter fitting for OE hydraulic hard line to HRB.