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Basic Airheads FM rules (borrowed from the OZ forum):

If you’re selling…

Price – You must include a price.

Location – You must include a location in the ad, the location under your user name may not be correct or specific enough.

No external links. – No links to ebay, craigslist, face book, etc. Directing inmates to external ads without links will also be removed.

Bumping – You may not bump your ad more than once per week and must nuke the original ad, if not you will lose both.

Ownership – If it’s not yours you cannot sell it here, ask your buddy to register and sell it himself. Immediate family members excluded.

Content – Only Airheads or Airhead related products & gear.

Correspondence – All correspondence to be conducted by PM, not in the thread.

Compliance – Ads that do not comply with the rules above will be deleted and you will have to do a new one.

Expiration – Ads expire after about 10 weeks and will be removed from view.

If you’re looking…

List what you need, with as much detail as someone who might have it would need to know they have a match (year, model, etc.) As above, carry out correspondence by PM and clean up by deleting your post after you get what you need.

How to help make the flea-market a better place:

If you want an item, send a message to the seller. Don’t say “Dibs” or “PM sent” in the thread. Remember that sellers are free to decide who to sell to, and are not obligated to take the first response they get.

When you sell it, or bump it, go to “EDIT” at the bottom of your original post and then tick the “NUKE” box to delete the post.

If it is “Sold pending payment”, add those words to your post.

If your ad disappears it may have been deleted by a mod as it did not meet the rules or it has expired, please read the rules and re-submit your ad. We can’t write to each and every person whose ads do not comply.

We’ve noticed that Tapatalk, and maybe other apps, don’t always show the subject/title of a post. So, please be sure to put the price and description of what you’re selling, or looking for, in the body of your post. Otherwise folks scanning with one of the mobile apps might have no idea what you’re going on about

If you want to hold forth and impress us with your knowledge of the 247 engine and Luftmeister fuel tanks, or just find out the value of that CC Products fork clamp, there’s a thread for Airhead Fleamarket discussion. Please use it.

Finally, this thread is not for Commercial Sellers. Commercial posts will be punted to the Vendors forum.

P.S. Where’d that ad go??? Old posts and expired ads get moved to PMs get deleted.

(sorry Ben, I hijacked your post. – Andrew)