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Assessment on the Latest JVC Head Units : Head units come in many shapes and sizes and they all come in many models some old and some are very high tech and very up to date. Though there are indeed a lot of factors that you will need to consider when you are buying a unit such as the functionality, the design, and the features. One of the most distinguished aspect however; that most people will automatically look at is the brand name. Brand names create such an impact that nowadays; you pay not just for the quality but also for the brand name that you can show and display on your device. Brands that have become trusted over time to provide extra quality and durability of their products often garner an amazing following of clients.

Among the leading brands for car audio products is JVC. Let’s dig in a little deeper of their latest head unit model and see their features as well as their functionality. JVC in car audio systems is very common. The main product we will review is JVC NZ KD-R416 50Wx4 USB/CD/MP3 NZ Receiver MOSFET Headunit, Front Aux. This JVC Head unit is very streamlined and it looks very well designed. Controls are mostly located on the right corner of the device and this is for the accessibility of the driver though a handy and cool looking remote control is provided with it. The USB socket is given a rubber flap that protects its receiver from dust and humidity. The volume button is well incorporated in the overall design and is very accessible.

One of its very useful features is its compatibility. It can play music files purchased at iTunes as well as from most external storage devices or portable audio devices. The JVC car stereo has a front AUX and can play on a Subwoofer output level and it also has a 5V line. Just make sure that the model you buy is domestically attuned so that it can properly receive signals from local radio stations.

In general this JVC head unit is typical for most car audio system units and it is great for everyday car music lovers. Though it is not top of the line, this product is very versatile and unique. It offers a very wide list of features that can absolutely cater to your audio needs. This can be a great starter kit for new car audio enthusiasts and it is very suitable for people who just want music accompaniment as they drive. Light weight and very simple, it can be easily installed on to your car. Its design is very stylish and would look good against the common black dashboard. A very nice addition to your car an overall audio upgrade or just to improve the generic and oftentimes very mediocre output of factory audio systems.You might want to see the latest models of JVC car stereo as well as JVC in car audio systems online for better product options.