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Auto Detailing Testimonials : Offer A Free Detail For Best Testimonial

If you run an auto detail business then you need to have a professional website. On this website Testimonials are important as they elevate you to the expert you are and also add credibility for the new customers. Most of your business is word of mouth, but often the new potential customer will look up your website to see if you are legitimate. How do you get the best testimonials?

Carry a tape recorder and ask your favorite customers to tape a testimonial to your business. Encourage them to be creative, enthusiastic, and energetic. Then take the tape to another good customer and say ‘can you beat this?’ Give them the same 100% encouragement. Print the best testimonial on the back of your flyers and put them all on your website. Ask permission of the best testimonials and then tell who the person is, and that they received a free detail for their effort. Print a copy of their business card along with the testimonial. They will get calls from appearing on your flyer and this will help their business. You can even print a testimonial of the month in the newspaper. If you run an ad, just be sure to get permission from the customer. This same technique can be used in the on the website.

After you’ve selected fifteen or twenty really good testimonials, you’ll have built up a great portfolio of recommendations for yourself and they will be dynamite for your website as well. You can show these testimonials to potential car wash, auto detailing and fleet customers. The customer who gave the testimonial will feel that much more a special part of your business and this while embolden them to give you further referrals. Think about it