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Buying a certified pre-owned car is a way to get peace of mind with a used vehicle purchase, and Bugatti is now offering customers exactly that.

Yes, in much the same way one might purchase a certified Chevy sedan or Chrysler minivan, one can now purchase a Bugatti Veyron or Chiron. The program allows buyers to trust that the used hypercar they’re buying is properly maintained and lives up to Bugatti’s exacting standards. The vehicles will be sold with an official certification of the car’s status.

The program also offers a one-year limited warranty on purchases. For Chiron models, the warranty matches that offered on vehicles new from the factory. It covers parts and labor for any necessary repairs of mechanical or electrical items, as well as covering corrosion and paintwork issues. For Veyron models, the warranty covers parts and labor for electrical and mechanical issues only.

Notably, the warranty applies worldwide. Given Bugatti’s globe-trotting clientele, it’s a worthy consideration. Those purchasing a Bugatti under the Certified Pre-owned scheme will also get a complimentary annual service to be used within the first year of ownership. Given that a simple flush of a Veyron’s fluids can cost $25,000, there’s plenty of value to be had there.

All of Bugatti’s global service partners will be eligible to sell certified pre-owned examples. They’re also the contact points for any warranty repair work carried out under the program. The intention is to keep these delicate, complex vehicles in the hands of properly trained factory technicians.

Getting a Veyron or Chiron with a factory-backed warranty is a great way to go, especially given the huge repair bills these cars can rack up when things go wrong. Plus, you’re way less likely to end up buying a basket case that’s been crashed or otherwise damaged.

At the same time, it’s entirely possible that certain Bugatti owners would look down their nose at anyone who deigns to buy used. After all, who can’t spare a few extra million for a seat that hasn’t been sat in? They might be the world’s most expensive certified pre-owned cars, but they’re still pre-owned cars, after all!

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