Posted on: September 20, 2022 Posted by: Winter Auto Comments: 0

Update: Good news everyone!

Well, my local dealer was able to hook me up with a new TFT dash and a lock set even though they were back ordered forever. Bad news is the dash is roughly $1k and the lock set is like $280. The lock set can only be purchased as an entire kit and the keys come matched from KTM so you can’t just replace one piece. So ya, I went ahead and replaced the gas cap and seat locks as well. Since dash had to be programmed with my odometer and the keys needed to be paired (for lack of a better term) with the immobilizer, I just had the dealer install those while they were programming everything. Instead of me trying to drill out bolts and get frustrated I just handed the problem off. All told, the labor was like $280. My younger self wanted to slap me for paying a dealer for easy work, but at this point in my life, time (and lack of frustration) are more important to me. Shout out to Yamaha MotorSports of Olympia (and a KTM dealer). I’ve bought a bike from them, ordered parts from them, and now had a bike serviced by them. Their parts guys have been really friendly and their service guy was very knowledgeable and helpful. Really impressed with them.

Anyways, the real good news. My Aurora rally tower just arrived! It took about 30 minutes to unpack everything. I’m pretty sure it would have survived a fall from 1000 ft with how much packing material was in there. It was a huge box full of styrofoam peanuts, and each part was individually wrapped with bubble wrap, AND plastic wrap, AND plastic zip lock bags. Maybe a little overkill, but it did give the impression that they cared about the parts getting here safe. The ordering process has been nothing short of stellar. Sofia was in contact with me constantly, advising when back ordered parts arrived and estimates on when things would ship. Excited to get all on there!