Posted on: September 21, 2022 Posted by: Winter Auto Comments: 0

My Tacoma took a dive for the worst today. The dive that saddens all of hearts as truck owners. The flashing check engine light of death.

I have 05 – 2.7TRFE with roughly 165k on it. I recently moved from across the state and went to start up my truck yesterday and this flashing check engine appears. I have traveled with the truck across country from Florida to TN, to now the west coast of WA. In all my moves nothing has ever gone array until finally reaching my destination on the other side of the country.

I’m not the most mechanic savvy so I do a lot of DIY on my truck. Mainly from the helps of this site and YouTube. But When it comes to living in the city & engine issues I generally always get it fixed from a local shop that I trust.

I brought my truck down to the nearest shop in the area for a diagnosis. They give me a call stating it’s reading 16 different codes, also saying theirs oil on my plugs, cracked pcr valves, and is hard to diagnose at this time. So they recommended a tune up spark plugs, coil packs, valve cover, clean fuel injectors, pcr valves, and a 2 year warranty for $2200.

I tell them to proceed, until…
The shop gives me another call saying I have a lot of play in my timing chain. There’s currently no noises or rattle from the chain but a good amount of play and is very loose. The shop quotes me $7500 for timing chain and tune up repair. The fellas at the shop do mention that it doesn’t necessarily need done now but will definitely need done down the road. Also that if I don’t do it not it could break and cause severe engine failure. Is this something I should tell them to replace?

I probably have 8-$10k in value when the truck runs. $7500 is almost the whole value of the truck. Anyone else with 05 – 2.7 run into the timing chain issue? How much more mileage did you get out of the truck?

or should I take the other route and use that 7.5K on a down payment for another truck?

Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated as this situation has really put me in a pickle.