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Head units have been around for quite a while already. Since the cars were first invented, man has always had this longing and yearning to make his car better than the other cars and also to make his own car more attuned to his personality. Head units have always been very popular in terms of car audio systems. Car owners from the past decades to modern times have always showed off their sound units installed in sound offs or just for the fun of having the latest head units available. So how do you install your very own head unit?

First of all after you have bought your new head unit, start unpacking it and start reading the specifications on your new product. Just to make sure, always check for tampers seals and always make sure that you are buying brand new products for better durability and also to avail of warranties. After you have read the user manual and have fully checked on the entire product, you can then proceed to the installation process. The very first thing that you will need to do is to make sure that you have turned-off the car itself as well as unhook the battery. Not doing so has caused a lot of damage to property and it might also get you hurt. The next step is to remove the factory or preinstalled head unit before, with the proper tools all you will need to loosen the dash panels and remove the wiring at the back of the device. Once you have removed the device, you can the start replacing it with your brand new head unit.

Installing one may vary depending on the car models. You might want to use an aftermarket install kit because the device might not fit into your car model. Once the new product is installed, you can then try start connecting the wires and the cables. The wiring harness goes in first; this provides the power cables and the ground. You the start connecting the RCA cables, this is when reading the user manual starts to get useful, this way if you were able to familiarize it beforehand then you will know where which wire gets plugged into what socket. Otherwise, this stage will be exactly the time where you get frustrated and things get irritating.

Before you finalize things though, there is one more thing you have to do. Make sure that you will be testing the whole system just to see if it works well, the lights turn on, the buttons function and most importantly, the sound is crisp and clear. If all these checks fail, you will have to re adjust some of the wiring and make sure that everything is placed exactly where it is supposed to.

Once this is finished, you can then reattach the panels and fully secure your brand new head unit. Try to make sure that the head unit is properly aligned and parallel to the dashboard, never fully tighten a screw unless you are certain that it is installed correctly. Use as many screws possible and utilize as much safety precaution as possible. Modified screws are very nice and handy when it comes to securing your unit. Once this step is done, reconfigure the bass and the amplification, add minor adjustments to get the desired sound and then voila! You have now just saved money and for the very first time installed your very own car audio head unit.