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Mevo Go App

Mevo Go App Not long ago, the technology company Logitech announced an application to support live streaming through the Mevo Go application. Mevo Go is a companion ecosystem application from Mevo, which makes it easier for content creator users to live stream only via a smartphone. That’s right, this application later both iOS and Android users will easily turn smartphone devices into a source for live streaming video, audio, and screencasting.

For those who are not familiar with Logitech Mevo, this is a platform that combines Logitech hardware and software. Which is intende for creators, both beginners and professionals, to broadcast content with the support of multicam and other professional tools. And now with Mevo Go, anyone can start using the Mevo ecosystem, and users can also combine Mevo cameras with mobile devices. The Mevo Go application also supports recording and streaming multicam videos in 1080p resolution.

Logitech Launches the Mevo Go App

Plus by being able to combine more cameras, creators can change the angle of the stream in real time with just one tap. Alternatively you can also use your mobile device as a remote microphone and send audio to the Mevo Multicam. Logitech also moved quickly and is already present on various marketApp platforms such as the Google play store on Android and the AppStore for iOS devices. And looking at the Google Play Store, the Logitech Mevo Go application can be downloade with a capacity of 29 MB, more than 10,000 users have downloaded it. However, this application also reportedly requires a Mevo Pro subscription, which costs around IDR 293 thousand per month or IDR 2.3 million per year.

Up until the beginning of January 2023, the Mevo community could only use dedicated hardware, like Logitech cameras, to join the multi-camera ecosystem. Now, Mevo Go allows content creators to tap into the Mevo ecosystem using devices they already own.

Getting starte can be tricky

For good tech to soar, it is important that the tech is user-friendly. Logitech’s Mevo Go is like an old car in the snow that needs a bit of gas to start — once you’ve revve it up and gotten going, it is a decent experience.