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Motor starter is off but horn is indicating a problem with the vehicle. It is better not to ignore this situation.

Especially considering that every vehicle can have different problems. Especially if the owner does not do regular service.

It is good to perform maintenance and check all components regularly.

Otherwise, various problems may occur even when you are on the road. One problem that can occur is that the starter motor dies but the horn remains on.

Here the starter is an electric system or an automatic starter. Using an electric starter makes it easier for you to start the vehicle.

The engine will start automatically by simply pressing the button.

Unfortunately the starter will drain electrical power, especially the battery. You should always check the condition of each vehicle’s components before traveling.

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Motor Starter Dies But Horn Is On, This Is Why

Like other components, the motor starter is also quite important. If there is a problem with the starter it will make it difficult to start the motor.

Essentially you have to use other components to keep the engine running.

The starter is usually a button located on the right side of the handlebar of the motorcycle. Its role is quite important, especially for motorcycles of the automatic type.

Unfortunately there are people who experience a dead starter, but the horn is still on.

If you have any problem like this, you need to check. Following are some of the reasons that cause this situation.

dirty starter button

There are many reasons why the starter motor is dead but the horn is on. One of them is that there is a problem with the starter button, which is a dirty condition.

This situation usually occurs in older motorcycles. The starter button is sometimes covered with dust and rust on the connector.

So that when pressing the starter button is not optimal.

The electric system of this motor may not work because the buttons are blocked by dust or dirt. We recommend that you clean the part so that it will function optimally.

aki takoro

A low battery can also be the cause of a dead motor starter but the horn is on. This component has an important role in the electrical system.

As done before, if the starter includes an electrical system that dissipates significantly more battery power.

So that gradually the battery usage starts decreasing. If the battery is low or low, it is certain that the starter cannot function. This happens because the power that the battery provides is not large enough.

Because the starter requires a large enough power, unlike other electrical systems. For example, lights or horns that require only little electrical power.

weak starter relay

Another reason that causes the starter motor to die but the horn is on is because the relay or starter bender is weak.

When this situation occurs there is usually a shallow sound that is heard when the starter button is pressed.

The function of this component is to ignite the starter dynamo. If this problem occurs, the solution is to replace the bendik with a new one.

The way to check is to shorten it with a benthic pole. Use a screwdriver and bring the two poles together.

If the starter is still on, the bendy or relay is likely damaged. Immediately check if the motor starter problem is gone but you are experiencing a live horn.

fuse dynamo broken

The next reason when the motor starter is off but the horn is on is because there is a problem with the dynamo.

A faulty starter dynamo can be recognized by the appearance of a creak when the starter button is pressed.

Usually the charcoal or dynamo starter kiln is damaged. However, the teeth or teeth of the starter dynamo can also be damaged.

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fuse blow

Some problems that can occur in starter components vary greatly. One of them is the starter motor that does not turn. A blown fuse can also be the cause of this condition.

But mostly happens in motors with complex electrical systems (one or two fuses). When the fuse blows, automatically all power will be completely turned off.

A blown fuse is one of many causes of a dead motor starter, but so is a live horn. As a vehicle owner, it is a good idea to continue to check all of its components before driving. (R10/HR-Online)