Posted on: July 23, 2022 Posted by: Winter Auto Comments: 0

Earlier this month, Ryan Miles of Old Town was riding his motorcycle without a state motorcycle endorsement when he took a corner too slow and his bike slid out from under him. He was wearing a helmet and wasn’t severely injured, but the pavement scraped his arm, and his motorcycle needs to be repaired. 

The following week, he learned exactly what he did wrong when he took a two-day motorcycle training course at a new school in the former Sears parking lot at the Bangor Mall. 

Miles grew up in New Hampshire and received his motorcycle endorsement when he was 17 without taking a training course. His endorsement expired after he moved to Maine, however, and he delayed renewing it because he didn’t own a motorcycle and didn’t think he needed it.

But he later decided to buy a Harley-Davidson and began riding again before getting a Maine motorcycle endorsement. 

“I was foolish for riding before I had my endorsement back and, unfortunately, I learned the hard way,” Miles, 42, said. “I wasn’t hurt and my bike can be fixed, but if I had taken the training course first, I wouldn’t have done that.”