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Delivery Truck

Selecting The Best Mid-Size Delivery Truck : Comparing Mid-Range Work Trucks

Delivery Truck, Comparing Mid-Range Work Trucks is a difficult task with all the variables, we are interested because we need the most efficient work trucks for our customers.

The NPR Isuzu seems to be the favorite at least in the last four or five years. Supply is good and you can buy it in a GMC too. $600 extra decal option, but same unit exactly. Only difference is the name. The NPR has a payload of 9,000 lbs., and is 1,000 lbs better than the next closest competitor in that size. We often use the 109 inch wheel base versions although they come in three sizes.

The Mitsubishi once king of the class has similar characteristics but 8,000 lb. payload but a 12,000 GVW as opposed to the 14,000 GVW Isuzu. Hino is 15,000 GVW, 8,400 payload on the option package.

Nissan or UD is 7,000 payload and nice looking truck but not in the ball park of the others, excellent turning radius and visibility and good enough for government work.

The Hyundai coming out next year in this class is owned 12% by Daimler Chrysler and probably another soaker like the Bering, which sunk most of their dealers last year.

No numbers yet, but judging by Chryslers exploits probably inline with Isuzu even if they pay out more in warrantees to place themselves at the top of the payload food chain in that class.

We use the Isuzu trucks for our company. We like them and agree that they are the best choice we have experienced so far, others might disagree, but not many I have talked too as I travel the country and set up franchises.