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My 4 week old 2021 BMW GSA was stolen Thursday night ( March 25, 2021 ) from the 6th floor of a secure parking garage in my high rise building. We have video of them coming in the parking garage gate at 11:36 PM following another car in. They was in the parking garage until 11:48 PM where we have video of them leaving the parking garage through the gate. There are no cameras on the 6th floor of the parking garage.

I was watching the security video looking for a van or something that they could load the GSA into since I have the key and was told that with out the key the motorcycle can not be started. To my surprise I saw someone riding my GSA out the gate.

They arrived in a white Ford SUV and waited for someone to open the gate and followed them in.

It had to be an inside job for them to go up 6 floors of an enclosed parking garage with now view from the outside and drive up 6 parking levels passing Porsche’s, Lamborghini’s , Bentley’s and at least 10 other motorcycles to go to the 6th floor to steal my BMW. They knew it was there as hardly no one but employees of the building and some valet drivers ever go that high in the garage. I assume they had been watching it for the 4 weeks I have owned it.

I think I have identified how my BMW GSA was stolen and ridden off with out the key.

A friend of mine ( Joe Green ) did some research at his local BMW dealer and now I may have an idea as to how they stole the motorcycle and rode it off with out having the key.

Joe found out from the service manager that you can buy a replacement key antenna ring or take off from another BMW that you can just unplug the one on the motorcycle and just plug in a new one that has a key fob matched to it and start the bike as normal. It looks like if you are in a hurry you just have to break off the existing plug that is in the steering neck below the area where the button is to start the bike and plug in your own.

When I first went to the motorcycle and saw it was gone I saw some small black plastic parts on the floor and looked at them but did not make much of it but I should have. I know they was not from me doing work on the bike as I police the area after every time to be sure I do not leave a mess in the parking garage. I left them there thinking the police was going to come up and take some photos of where the motorcycle was stolen from.

It looks like the same plastic plug on a GSA that they broke getting to the plug to plug in their own key ring antenna.



Pictures of the parts from the plug they broke off to plug in their antenna key ring.