Posted on: September 23, 2022 Posted by: Winter Auto Comments: 0

I like the idea of an ongoing DR thread here.

I just bought an ’06 DR650 about 18 days ago. This will be my commuter and light weight adventure touring bike this summer.

Paid $4700 for the bike and have spent about $1100 setting it up for me.

So far: 4.9Gal. IMS tank, Spitfire shield, bar risers Corbin seat, skid plate, Dirt Bags, Still waiting on the luggage rack ordered from the dealer the day I bought the bike so I can mount my JC whittney small top case, battery tender plug so I can run my tire pump. Still fairly cheap compared to say an F650 and will be better off the road.

I’ve never been a big fan of top boxes but the JCW comes off with a push of the button and it will add some security and convienance for $60. BTW it includes the quick release mount. Givi charges $40 extra for thiers. The spitfire WS comes off with 2 wingnuts in about 5 seconds. The Dirt Bagz will hold my tire repair kit and extra tools plus other stuff and are securely mounted but come off easy. I hate worring about gas so the IMS tank will carry me 200 to 250 miles. I ride a lot and consider myself to have a pretty tough butt, but the stock seat has me squirming after 60 miles. The Corbin is wider to support my cheeks and is flat to allow a change of position. Takes about 5 minutes to swap seats if I want to. Even with all this added stuff the DR feels lighter than My KLR. Nothing bad on the KLR, I still love the KLR. Just making a statement.

The Plan: To seek out new (to me) backroads and dirt roads in the mountains of Ga, NC, TN, & SC This Summer. Starting with the Tour de Tellico later this month.

With high gas prices The DR is able to run on $0.20 cheaper regular gas and at last fillup gets 15 to 18 miles more per gallon than my 1150 GS does on the more expensive premium. Oil and filter changes are cheaper than my 1150GS, and much cheaper and easier than my KTM950(sold),and KTM450EXC. The KLR is about the same as the DR in price and time.

Thats it for now, Lets keep this thread alive!