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Thoughts on The Flow of Transportation : A main component of a healthy human civilization is the flow of its transportation. The transportation of people, products and services throughout the society to serve mankind is an essential part of any Nation or State. The Flow of Transportation has been discussed in committees, focus groups, association meetings, Think Tanks, Government Agencies and even at the kitchen table for years. It is one of the major issues important to any civilization. During my travels across the country nearly 500,000 miles visiting every city in the United States and Canada over 10,000 population and observing the traffic flows; often stuck in them for hours in major cities and listening to people and citizens in the suburbs and rural areas about the challenges of bus services. I began to look at the flow of transportation with a much more keen eye. I started to see the good, the bad and the ugly.

Realize that all of us use some form of transportation to get around, even if it is people power like Lance Armstrong, well maybe not as fast but some of us still peddle to the store, to work or around town. It wasn’t so long ago that a fast and reliable horse was a must. Now then my mission today is to open this discussion by describing my observations and knowledge of transportation and to get you to think about your observations while traveling around. As you drive around town today or tomorrow, think about this topic and how vitally critical it is to our civilization.

As on observes our current set of transportation systems and how they interact and get us from A to B, we will see that it greatly effects our daily lives. Obviously my observations about the flows of transportation will be different than yours and yours different than that of relatives and neighbors; different perspectives of the same set of interacting transportation systems. You may even have some great ideas to help us fix and modify the flow of transportation to help the most amount of people that it serves. Maybe you can find the key to make it better, the missing component if you will to improve the efficiency of transportation and thus bettering the flows of civilization and increasing our quality of life and standard of living.

Out transportation system is an integral part of how we live and work. It is a modern marvel indeed. For every minor increase in its efficiency there is an exponential increase in our lives. Teach your kids to be observant of the flows of transportation and understand its value. The flow of transportation has helped our nation become all we are today and we must maintain our systems if our civilization is to run properly.