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Recently a car enthusiast has taken to TikTok and modded their Miata using Nintendo Wii accessories. TikTok user Tyler Atkin, also known as “Ttptng,” has been documenting their progress on modding their Miata for the past three weeks while taking suggestions from viewers.

On June 24, Ttptng posted their first video of them replacing the steering wheel in their car with a Wii Mario Kart steering wheel, with the Wii Remote attached to it. The following day they uploaded another video of them driving their Miata around using the Mario Kart steering wheel and said, “That was a horrendous experience.” But despite the horrible experience, that didn’t stop them from adding more Wii accessories to their car.

Then on June 29, another modification was made, replacing the gear stick with a Wii Nunchuk. With the help of some tools and super glue, they installed the Nunchuk and used it as a proper gear stick.

Fast forward to July 4, and the Miata is now referred to as the “Wiiata” in a new video. In the same video, we see them replace the floor mats with Wii Fit yoga mats to fit the car’s overall theme. In addition, they posted again on July 6, this time to show how they replaced the emergency brakes handle with a Wii baseball bat. At the end of the video, they tease replacing their radio with a Wii console.

After that, they posted a series of videos of them taking out the original car radio alongside all the wires attached. They then explain how, in order to use the Wii console as a radio, the Wiiata needs to be properly wired, and they also show how they fit the Wii inside the car. One video also explains how they’re 3D printing a surround sound system and trying to figure how where to put the sensor bar so they can “play it outside the car.”

Watching them modify their car using accessories is quite entertaining and even more impressive when you notice that the Wii buttons on the controller affect the car’s movement when pressed. Currently, that’s all they have uploaded on TikTok. But you can watch the entire process for yourself on their account.

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