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In addition to the security, Truck Bed Covers offer an increase of over 10% in fuel economy. This is excellent news with current fuel prices. Studies show by reducing drag due to airflow in the truck bed with a tonneau cover will result in an 11% decrease in drag as compared to a truck bed without a cover. The studies also revealed a canopy actually increase drag and fuel consumption. Results will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

This is how it works when airflow passes the truck’s cab. The flow separated behind the cab and enters the truck bed resulting in drag if the bed is not covered. Replacing the tailgate with a cargo net results in increase drag compared to removing the tailgate, which had an increase but not as much as the cargo net. The best method of decreasing the drag, thus increasing fuel economy, is to install a tonneau cover over the truck bed.

There are now more options available for customer to improve mileage while adding security and style.

There are conservatively 500,000 trucks with covers on the road everyday and based on the average gas savings, American’s save 60 million gallons of gas per year or approximately $100,000. Studies show the average truck owner drives 18,000 miles per year. At 15 mpg that comes to 1,000 gallons of gas. At a minimum 10% savings you would save around 120 gallons a year (and many reports show it to be more like 12%). You can see why it would not take too many months to have your new truck cover pay for itself.