Posted on: May 19, 2020 Posted by: Winter Auto Comments: 0

Truck Maintenance Hibernation Services : There appear to be significant possibilities in long term storage of trucks for an avenue to expand into. Hibernation of trucks, which are no longer needed in the slowed economy are piling up and need care otherwise they will deteriorate further and be of zero value except for sparsely parted out salvage.

For instance disconnecting the fully charged batteries from the ground. Putting the trucks on blocks so no flat spot develops on tires and drop pressure to 15 PSI and coating them with thick silicon jell. Induce fuel stabilizers and micro-biocides so microbes cannot grow in tanks. Silicone jell on rubber door jams seals, and hoses and belts. Pump fresh grease into zerk fittings. Wax and poly coat the paint. Tape up exposed engine openings, periodically check for mice and other small nests and rodents living in the truck. Truck engine over without starting a few revolutions to keep inside of engine lubricated.

Our cost for Hibernation Services will be. Prep Work $600, quarterly services $30.00 per truck. Our company is considering offering such services after studying this. site soon.

Many companies are looking into such services and will also be offering hibernation maintenance to prime contractors of US Military to maintain all their units after the war is over, until we can cause another conflict somewhere else soon.

These types of services are definitely something to think about.